About us


With a team of Physiotherapists and Osteopaths we differ for all other clinics because we combine the best elements of Osteopathy with the best elements of Physiotherapy, ultimately creating a more comprehensive treatment.

Our strong emphasis on prevention has led to some of London’s top consultants and surgeons referring directly to us, also having helped their patients tremendously pre and post operation.

We also have an ethic and a passion to educate our patients. So by the end of even the first session, not only will you feel better, you will also have more knowledge about your injury and how its anatomy works.


What we treat?


As a team containing Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, and Sports Specific trainers, we treat all aspects of the human body.

If it’s a bone, nerve, tendon, ligament, muscle or joint involved we are the team to help you!

Akhil Patel 

From a young age Akhil has always had a passion in medicine and the mechanics of the human anatomy. Born in 1982, with an excellent academic record, he completed his degree in Osteopathic Medicine at the BCOM University in 2004. After the 4 year degree he spent a year working in the NHS while specializing in sports injuries, where his two great passions in life, medicine and sports, became one. As a GOsC registered Osteopath, Akhil has clinics in the City of London, Canary Wharf and in Kent where he sees a wide variety of musculoskeletal pain, chronic and acute, young and elderly, from office worker to builder. Widely regarded as being at the top of his profession, his specialism in sports injuries has led him to work with some of the worlds top national and international sportsmen and women, movie stars and some of the world’s most famous international music performers.


Eddie McClements

With over twelve years experience, Eddie developed a passion for fitness training as a professional footballer at a Premiership club, where he learned from top conditioning coaches and sports psychologists. He has gained a rich experience of training and competing in sport at a high level and continues to search for new experiences and adventures to develop.

As well as sustaining a successful career as a PT, Eddie also works alongside some of the worlds greatest sportsmen and women for major sports brands as a sports model and sports action choreographer. His training for this industry means he must maintain a very high level of fitness and this sees him partake and compete in boxing, gymnastics, rock climbing, swimming, and high diving, amongst other sports. He uses this first-hand experience and many techniques learnt from these disciplines to deliver a personal training service few can.